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Discover step by step how to Jack Serious Profits using the power of private label rights! You’re about to discover one of the laziest shortcuts to profiting online… while other people do the work!

Private label right products, also known as PLR, come in many different formats with the most popular being written products, such as articles and ebooks. You can also find software, video, audio and visual content with PLR. As for how people make money with PLR, the options are virtually endless.

A PLR ebook is traditionally sold for two or three times the average selling price. For example, a 50-page ebook on saving money at the grocery store may sell for $9.99.  For private label rights to that book, you could expect to pay between $40 and $60.

While this may seem like a lot, you aren’t just buying an ebook to read. You are buying the re-branding and resale rights. You can edit all or portions of the ebook, change the cover image, add your name as the author and sell it as if it’s your very own to interested buyers for the retail price. So, if you sell it for $19.99 you’ll make back your investment in just 5 sales. Anything after that is pure profit!

As for how you can sell ebooks, the best option is to buy a cheap domain name and web hosting. Some PLR will even come with ready sales copy and webpages which will make selling even easier, but if they don’t all you really need is one or two pages. Outline your book, include a sample, mention the price, and include eye-catching graphics.

Then start driving traffic to your sales page and generate interest with online message boards, article directories, or create your own affiliate program. You can also rely on popular third-party website, like Amazon or Lulu.com, where you list your ebook for sale. Just keep in mind that these websites take a percentage from each sale, cutting into your profits, but in turn you get access to their massive customer base, so often it’s a good trade.

When it comes to PLR articles, you have much more freedom. Most buyers take the articles and use them for website content. For example, if you purchase a package of 25 articles on how to choose a chiropractor, you have 25 pages of web content. You can use your new content pages to promote pay-per-click advertising programs like Google Adwords, affiliate programs, and even sell of ad space outright. These are two easy ways you can get started using PLR to grow your business.

PLR Profit Jacker
PLR Profit Jacker


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