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Maggazzine Story Telling


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Email Open Rates, The Rise and Fall of Nations, and Morgan Freeman. Every day, hundreds of millions of promotional emails go unopened. Not talking about spammy messages about magic or desperate messages from royalty who need help with a little international transaction.

Some marketers enjoy very high open rates, even from jaded Internet veterans in spam happy markets like SEO. In fact, they manage to whip their readers up into a frenzy, to the point where they eagerly anticipate the next email.

They get them to such a state that they hit the refresh button over and over again, feverishly waiting for the next email to arrive. How do they do it? How do they create this addiction, where the reader can’t even sit still until they’ve read the next installment in what it basically a sales funnel?

They use a secret that captures and commands the reader’s imagination. It’s an ancient technique which has been used since before the dawn of civilization to captivate and transfix human minds. It has shaped our culture and society and has molded the destiny of nations.

Every great leader, every idealist, spiritual leader and dreamer since the dawn of time has used this technique. What is it?

Maggazzine Story Telling
Maggazzine Story Telling


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